What pumps are used to lift water from deep wells, reservoirs, and rivers?


There are all kinds of water pumps on the market, and different types of water pumps are suitable for different fields. It is very important to choose a suitable water pump. What kind of pumps are used to lift water from deep wells, reservoirs and rivers? Learn about deep well fire pumps today.
ZJBetter XBD deep well fire pump is a water-lifting tool submerged in water with dry motor and axial-flow well pump directly connected, suitable for deep wells, rivers, Reservoirs, canals and other water lifting projects. The deep well fire water pump occupies a small area and does not need to build a pump room. Under the pressure permit, steel pipes, rubber pipes and plastic pipes can be used as lifting pipes, and there are no special requirements for well pipes and lifting pipes. Steel wells, ash Tube wells, earth wells can also be used, and the installation, use and maintenance are all convenient and simple.
 After understanding the characteristics, how should we choose? You can choose according to the following points:
1. Preliminarily select the model of the deep well pump according to the well diameter and the water quality used. Different types of axial flow deep well fire pumps have requirements for the diameter of the wellhead, because the pump body cannot be close to the inner wall of the well to prevent the well from being damaged by vibration, and the diameter of the pump should be smaller than the diameter of the wellhead.
2. Determine the lift of the axial-flow deep well fire pump. The lift needs to be determined according to the depth of the well water level drop and the head loss of the water delivery pipeline.
3. Select the flow rate of the deep well pump according to the water output of the well. Each well has an optimal water output, and the flow rate of the axial-flow deep well fire pump should be less than or equal to the water output when the water level of the motor-driven well drops to half of the well water depth.
4. The well water contains a large amount of sediment, so it is not suitable to install and use the axial flow deep well fire pump. Because the water with high sand content will accelerate the wear of the rubber bearing, cause the pump to vibrate and shorten the service life of the long-shaft deep well pump.
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