Why does the fire pump consume more electricity during use?


Fire pump is an important equipment to ensure fire safety in our daily life. It is inevitable that various wear, consumption, power consumption or power will change to a certain extent during use. Today we will talk about why fire fighting When the pump is in use, the power consumption will increase.
The main reason for the increase in power consumption is divided into two, one is the wrong way to use, the second is the wear and tear of parts over a long period of time.
1, The direction of rotation is not correct, first check whether the direction of rotation is correct.
2, The liquid is heavier than expected. Pumping a denser liquid will draw more current, check the specific gravity and viscosity of the liquid.
3, The speed is too high. Check the winding voltage of the motor or the steam pressure transmitted to the turbine.
4, The bearings are not properly lubricated or the bearings are worn. Bearings need to be lubricated, no lubrication will increase friction and also consume current, in when there is a good amount of power to check the lubrication of the bearings or whether they are worn, if the wear is serious, replace the bearings if necessary.
5, The impeller is damaged, check the impeller and replace it as required.
6, The working clearance between the wear rings is incorrect, check if the clearance is correct. Replace the wear rings in the pump casing and/or impeller as required.
According to the above points, we can obviously see that the daily maintenance and upkeep of the pump is very important in the daily use of the fire pump, and each part needs to be checked regularly to ensure that the pump can work normally and efficiently.

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