How to choose a sewage pump?


Sewage pumps are also a very common type of water pump in production and life, and are widely used. However, we found that many customers are more casual when purchasing, and the selection is not rigorous enough. In fact, the correct selection can better exert the operating efficiency of the sewage pump and prolong the service life of the sewage pump for a longer time. Today, let's take a brief look at the basic situation and selection requirements of sewage pumps with us.

The sewage pump is a kind of equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry. It is generally made of stainless steel and cast iron. The general sewage pump adopts a unique single-blade or double-blade wheel structure, which greatly improves the sewage discharge capacity. About 50% solid particles and fibrous matter five times the size of the pump.
sewage pump

1. The scope of application of the sewage pump

Sewage pumps are widely used, usually used in urban sewage treatment plant discharge systems, water supply devices in water plants, discharge of thin mud in municipal engineering construction sites, sewage drainage stations in residential areas, sewage discharge in hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, subways , basement, civil air defense system drainage station, enterprise unit wastewater discharge, exploration mines and water treatment equipment matching, farm sewage discharge and rural farmland irrigation. It can replace the burden of shoulders, suck and transport river mud, and will not cause pollution to the environment, and the operation is very simple.

2, the selection instructions of sewage pump

Before choosing a sewage pump, be sure to explain the use environment of the pump to the manufacturer, and choose a sewage pump that adapts to the type of environment. Generally speaking, sewage pumps are divided into two types: dry type and wet type. According to the use environment, choose the appropriate type. The pipeline of the water pump needs to be kept smooth. The blockage of the pipeline will cause the motor to be overloaded, and in severe cases, the motor will be damaged and the service life will be reduced. If you buy a stainless steel sewage pump, you should figure out the water quality problems in the use environment in advance, such as the diameter of the particles in the water and the pH of the water, and then consider what kind of stainless steel material to use. In short, the selection of the sewage pump must be based on the use environment of the pump. Do not choose an inappropriate sewage pump because of being lazy or saving money, which will cause a lot of trouble for future use and maintenance.
sewage pump

3. Installation method of sewage pump

There are two installation methods of sewage pump, one is a mobile free installation system, and the other is a fixed automatic coupling installation system. Installation also directly affects the operating efficiency of the equipment, so before installation, be sure to determine its installation method, and operate in strict accordance with the installation steps to avoid mistakes leading to mechanical equipment failure. After the installation is completed, carry out the experiment and acceptance, and ensure that it is correct before starting to use.
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