Three Common Fire Pump Types


The fire sprinkler pump is a fixed special pump in the fire sprinkler system. It has the characteristics of low price, long life and high fire extinguishing efficiency. It can transport clean water without solid particles. When a fire occurs, after the sprinkler reaches a certain temperature (usually 68 degrees Celsius), the sprinkler will burst automatically, and the water in the pipe will be automatically sprayed out under the action of the fire water tank. The alarm valve will automatically open due to the change of pressure. After the pressure switch is automatically opened, the sprinkler pump will automatically start, and the entire fire protection system will start to work.
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The sprinkler arrangement, the number of sprinklers, and the pressure and flow required by the sprinklers are determined according to the hazard level and the actual situation of the building. The fire sprinkler system can work synchronously with other fire protection facilities, and can effectively control and extinguish the initial fire.

Fire hydrant pumps can be divided into vertical single-stage, vertical multi-stage, horizontal multi-stage, horizontal single-stage and other structural forms. They are also used to transport clean water without solid particles or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. It is used for pressurized water supply of fire hydrant system, and sometimes it is also used as water supply and drainage in factories and mines. The flow range of the fire hydrant pump is generally 5~80L/s, and the pressure range is 0.2~2.25MPa.
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It is worth mentioning that the fire hydrant pump adopts high-quality alloy sealing ring, which enhances the wear resistance of the equipment seal, and can be used outdoors with a protective cover.

The inlet and outlet of the fire hydrant pump are of the same diameter, which simplifies the connection of the pipeline, and is very convenient for installation and maintenance. The pump head can also be increased or decreased according to the needs and combined with the outer diameter of the cutting impeller, without changing the installation area.
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The pressure jockey fire pump generally cooperates with the main pump to maintain the system pressure in the water intake and delivery system. There is no high-level fire water tank, and the flow rate is small. In normal operation, maintain the pressure of the system pipe network. Usually, water is taken from the fire pool or high-level fire water tank and sent to the system to maintain the pressure in the system pipeline. When a fire occurs, it can run for a period of time to provide the flow used to start the system until the main until the fire pump starts. Although the stabilized fire pump is operated with the main pump, its influence is quite large, and the stabilized pump must be set according to the main and standby pumps.
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