What is a fire jockey pump?


 A jockey pump, also know as a pressure conservation pump, maintains the pressure in the firesprinkler system to avoidnon-emergency starting of the main fire pump. This keeps the main firepump from short cycling, which shortens its life span. The jockey pump is designed to start beforethe main fire pump and return the fire protection system to its minimal static pressure. still, it isnot designed to keep up with the system demand in regard to inflow. In this case, the system pressurewill continue to drop until the main fire pump starts. A jockey pump isn't needed on systems exercising a fire pump, still, due to their relativesimplicity, jockey pumps are the most common system used to maintain system pressure.
Since jockey pumps aren't needed to be listed, any pump able of producing necessary pressure isacceptable. Except for no test title demand, a jockey pump has the same introductory factors as the mainfire pump. Since the jockey pump isn't needed to be listed, the control faucets and check stopcock arenot needed to be listed. Section903.4 of the Minnesota State Fire Code requires jockey pumpcontrol faucets to either be electrically supervised, sealed or locked in the open position.
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