What is the difference between a jockey pump and a fire pump?


The jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system to maintain pressure in the sprinkler pipes. This is to insure that if a fire- sprinkler is actuated, there will be a pressure drop, which will be tasted by the fire pumps automatic regulator, which will beget the fire pump to start.
jockey pump

A jockey pump is sized for a inflow lower than the inflow to one sprinkler in order to insure a system pressure drop. The function of jockey pumps is an important part of the fire pumps control system. Jockey pumps are generally smallmulti-stage centrifugal pumps, and don't have to be listed or certified for fire system operation. The control outfit for jockey pumps may still carry blessings.
fire jockey pump set
ZJBetter fire jockey pumps are perfect as the jockey pump in fire systems for industrial and commercial fire protection.
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