Notes on the design and construction and installation of fire pump rooms


First, the role of fire pump room

Fire pump room is the fire hydrant, automatic sprinkler system and other fire extinguishing system "heart", in the fire time, people must adhere to the work, can not be threatened by fire. Therefore, the fire pump room should be set up independently, and should be used in a building with one or two levels.
Pump rooms attached to single-storey, multi-storey or high-rise buildings should have a good fire separation. When attached to single or multi-storey buildings, non-combustible walls and floor slabs with a fire resistance limit of not less than 1h should be separated from other parts; when attached to high-rise buildings, partition walls with a fire resistance limit of not less than 3h and 2h floor slabs should be separated from other parts.
In order to ensure the safety of personnel entering and leaving and fire pump room from the threat of fire, fire pump room should be set up straight outdoor exit; fire pump room on the attached floor should be close to the safety exit.

Second, fire fighting suction and discharge pipes

For two or more fire pumps, in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the fire pumps, there should be two suction pipes, and the following requirements should be met.
1, two or more suction pipes, when one of the suction pipes is under maintenance or damaged, the remaining suction pipe should still be able to pass 100% of the total water consumption, i.e. the pump room where production, living and fire fighting water are used together, when the water consumption of living and production reaches the maximum, it should still be able to ensure 100% of the water consumption of fire fighting; independently set up fire pump room, when one of the suction pipes is damaged, the remaining suction pipe should still be able to ensure 100% of the water consumption for fire-fighting.
2、High-pressure fire pumps, temporary high-pressure fire pumps, each fire pump should have an independent suction pipe to ensure that the water is directly sucked from the fire pool or municipal network and can supply water to the fire scene.
3、It is advisable to use self-tank type suction water. This kind of suction, because the fire pump is often full of water, can quickly start the fire pump, to ensure that the fire scene fire water, if there are difficulties, there should be reliable water filling equipment.
4, in order to ensure that the ring pipe has a reliable water source, the fire pump should have no less than two outlet pipes directly connected to the ring pipe, when using two outlet pipes, each outlet pipe should be able to meet the supply of all water consumption. This means that when one of the discharge pipes is being serviced, the remaining pipe should still be able to supply the full volume of water. The pump house outlet pipe should be connected to the ring pipe network at different sections to ensure the safety of the water supply.
Fire pumps should be operated frequently or periodically, lubricated and their pressure and flow measured after starting the fire pump, therefore, a water release valve for inspection and testing should be provided on the discharge pipe of the fire pump.
The water used for the test can be returned to the pool to save investment and facilitate the test.

Third, the firefighting backup pump

In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the fire scene, the fire pump should have a standby pump, and the flow and head of the standby pump should not be smaller than the flow and head of the largest working pump in the fire pump room (station). From the point of view of both fire safety and investment saving, fire pumps can be used without equipment if one of the following conditions is met.
1, outdoor fire fighting water consumption is greater than 25L/s factories, warehouses, because this kind of plant, warehouse combustible less or single plant, warehouse volume is not large, water consumption is not large, generally can by the unit fire brigade or city public security fire brigade to develop water supply plan (i.e. combat program) in the solution, can not equipment with fire pumps.
2, in view of the 7 ~ 9 layer unit type housing, can be used branch pipeline and a water inlet pipe, so may not equipment with fire pumps.

Fourth, the power supply or power of the fire pump room

Fire pumps have to be driven by electricity or diesel generators and other power. To ensure that the fire pump starts in time, measures must be taken to ensure that the water in the tank is used up before (5 ~ l0min), the fire pump starts the water supply to ensure that the fire water is not interrupted, therefore, no matter what the situation is, the fire pump must start the water supply within 5min.
Fire pump stations or pump rooms with standby fire pumps should have a standby power supply because of the large scale of the building and the nature and importance of its use in general. If there are difficulties in using double power supply, internal combustion engine or diesel generator can be used for power. The power supply of fire fighting equipment such as fire pumps should be separated from other power lines to ensure safe and reliable power supply.
In order to make the fire pump give full play to its load running role and ensure the necessary water volume and pressure for fire fighting, the fire pump should be directly cornered with the power machinery.
Fire pumps should be equipped with communication equipment such as a telephone for direct contact with the fire brigade of the unit, so that they can contact the fire control room and the relevant departments of the fire brigade in time in case of fire.
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