How to prevent corrosion of deep well fire pump?


Deep well fire pump in accordance with national regulations have the selection of materials and performance, quality requirements, professional pump manufacturers produce more reliable pump product quality, the use of deep well fire pump is related to the safety of life and property of users, the stability of the water supply performance of the fire pump is very important to users, long-term use is inevitable rust, corrosion, wear and tear problems, how to prevent the fire pump rust, wear and tear?
As a professional manufacturer of deep well fire pump, many years of experience to remind the majority of users, how to prevent the fire pump rust?

First of all, we should buy qualified fire pumps, the performance and quality of fire pumps should be in line with the national fire pump standards, in strict accordance with national standards for the implementation of the production of fire pump materials are qualified. Fire pumps need to be run for about 4 hours after installation to observe if there are any problems before they are put into continuous use. Because the fire pump is not always running, parts in the water idle easy to rust, to regularly start running for a period of time to prevent internal rust problems, regular inspection of the impeller, bearings, sealing ring, the pump outer surface whether there is wear and rust, timely replacement, repair, if long-term disuse of the fire pump should be each part coated with grease to save.
Deep well fire pump emergency use, whether it is electric fire pump or diesel engine fire pump should be regular maintenance checks, in the lower temperature also do a good job of warming measures, these are to make the fire pump can be stable operation, extend the service life. In order to reduce all kinds of failures, "prevention is more effective than cure"! If there is a problem, you should contact the manufacturer or after-sales service in time, do not blindly troubleshoot!
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