ZJBetter small fre fighting pump set


ED (EDJ/EJ/DJ/EEJ) small fre fighting pump set (abbreviated as ED small Fire Fighting package set water supply equipment) refers to the flow less than 100 GPM and A highly integrated mechanical and electrical system consisting of electric centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump (pressurized pump group), Diesel Engine Centrifugal pump, pressure limiting protection device (safety valve), valve fittings, control system, pressure sensor system, water-free protection device, backflow preventer, soft joint, bypass pipelines, common base, filters, etc. It is a fire water supply equipment that continuously supplies water to the fire pipe network by preset pressure mode. All accessories of ED small fire fighting package set water supply equipment are assembled according to the standard (NFPA20). Its configuration depends on the needs of customers, or the number of pumps and the type of electric and diesel pump. ED small fire pump set is usually equipped with two pumps, one main pump (electric centrifugal pump) and one standby pump (diesel centrifugal pump). The selection of motor and diesel engine depends on the reliability level of the system.
ED small fire fighting package set water supply equipment is usually equipped with an electric pump, a diesel engine pump, and it is very important to install a jockey pump for the fire protection device, so as to maintain the pressure level of the system without starting the main pump.
ED small fire fighting package set water supply equipment is reasonable in layout, firm in installation, reliable in connection, compact in staicture, neat, and convenient for maintenance and repair.

Product Classification
According to customer's requirements, it can be combined freely to realize the function of small fire fighting package set water supply equipment.
• ED: An electric main pump and a diesel engine standby pump (without voltage stabilization or where voltage stabilization is individually configured)
• EDJ: An electric main pump, a diesel engine standby pump and a Jockey pump. This diesel-electric combination is more stable.
• EEJ: Two electric pumps (one duty and one standby) , plus one Jockey pump, are also feasible for places where power supply is stable or where there are self-allocated generators.
• DJ: A diesel engine main pump, a jockey pump (used in the place where the pump njns entirely through the diesel engine)
Product Application
ED small fire fighting water supply equipment is used in hotels, shops, stores, warehouses, workshops, residential and other places with high fire protection requirements.
The pump will start to work when the pressure in the fire extinguishing system pipeline of ED small Fire Fighting water supply equipment drops suddenly. The first triggered pump is the jockey pump( pressure stabilization pump). The pressure stabilization pipeline of the jockey pump is allowed to start frequently within a certain range. In general, the pressure of the jockey pump is 1-1.5 bar higher than that of the main pump.
If the pump still fails to reach the preset pressure level (down to the preset pressure of the main pump), the main pump will start. When there is more than one main pump, the pump starts in series according to the different pressure levels set by the starting pressure switch. The pressure switch of the main pump is not only used for starting (if the main pump can not stop automatically and needs to stop manually when the NFPA20 is satisfied), but also can stop automatically.

For example, the ED small fire fighting package set water supply equipment is equipped with an electric main pump and a diesel engine standby pump, such as power outage or other accidents (when the electric pump has no power signal or when the electric pump fails, the equipment automatically switches to the diesel engine pump to start, at this time, if the pressure drops, start the diesel engine pump) cause the electric pump can not run normally, the diesel engine pump will automatically run through the signal given by the control cabinet, realize the function of one-use-one-equipment, and make the equipment as reliable as possible.

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