ZJBetter diesel engine fire pump meets the individual needs


The ZJBetter new diesel engine fire pump newly developed by Better Technology Co., Ltd. has high efficiency, reliable operation and flexible installation form. It can be used as a backup fire pump to ensure the fire protection needs when there is no power. The fire pump automatic fire water supply system, which can realize joint control with the fire center.

The new diesel fire pump industrial and civil building fixed fire protection systems, including water supply for fire hydrants, fire extinguishing systems, automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing systems and water spray fire extinguishing systems, can also be used for boosting domestic water. When it is an automatic control set, the diesel engine fire pump realizes the system's automatic input, automatic switching, automatic protection and other functions. At the same time, it can also interface with the user fire center or automatic fire alarm device to achieve remote monitoring. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit under the environment of 5°C, the unit can be equipped with a cooling water preheating heating device.

The new diesel engine fire pump has two types of self-filling and suction. According to the requirements of fire protection standards, it is generally a self-filling and diversion method. It is mainly composed of diesel engine, fire pump and control system to meet the features and requirements of automatic diesel engine fire pump units. The diesel fire pump has a fully automatic control design, with a variety of control modes such as manual control, automatic program control, remote control, and forced start.

The constant pressure fire control of the new diesel engine fire pump has emerged from the constant speed control mode of the conventional fire protection system. The speed PID adjustment ring and the pressure PID adjustment ring are configured for double-loop control. The personal safety of firefighters has improved the effectiveness of fire fighting. The diesel engine fire pump is easy to operate, and the program parameters can be set through the man-machine interface; the pump outlet pressure value can be set by the user. After the commissioning work is completed, the daily fire signal can automatically start the fire unit without manual operation. 

The new diesel engine fire pump is equipped with a remote control communication port, which is connected to a computer, and can display various states such as alarm, protection, fault signals, etc., to achieve remote and comprehensive monitoring of the unit's operating conditions. It can be equipped with a full-automatic vacuum pump to achieve self-priming function, no external power is needed, and the water will automatically disengage when it is brought in. Diesel engine multistage fire pump can be controlled manually or automatically. The user can choose the control mode by himself. It can be achieved by setting up a mixer outside the pump-the user can choose the form with or without foam. 
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