What is a jockey pump for a fire-fighting system?


 A jockey pump is a critical component of a fire-fighting system, specifically in fire protection systems that utilize a fire pump to maintain adequate water pressure and flow in the system. Fire pumps are responsible for supplying water to fire sprinklers, hydrants, hoses, and other firefighting equipment.

However, water pressure in a fire-fighting system can naturally decrease over time due to leaks, system expansions, or other factors. To ensure that the fire pump operates within its designed parameters and can deliver sufficient water pressure when needed, a jockey pump is employed.

A jockey pump is a smaller pump that operates continuously to maintain a consistent pressure within the fire-fighting system. It's designed to counteract the gradual pressure losses that can occur over time. The jockey pump will start and stop as needed to keep the pressure within a specified range. By doing so, it prevents the main fire pump from turning on and off frequently for small pressure fluctuations, which could lead to wear and tear on the pump and its components.

In summary, a jockey pump helps ensure the reliability and effectiveness of a fire-fighting system by maintaining a stable pressure, allowing the main fire pump to activate only when there is a significant pressure drop, such as during an actual fire event.

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