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The working principle of the diesel water pump is: the water is filled in the pump casing before the pump starts (or there is water in the pump casing). After the start, the impeller rotates at a high speed to make the water in the impeller channel flow toward the volute. At this time, the inlet forms a vacuum, so that open the water check gate, and the air in the suction pipe enters the pump and reaches the outer edge through the impeller channel.

The diesel water pump consists of a diesel engine and a multistage fire pump. The pump unit is a horizontal, single-suction, single-stage centrifugal pump. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long service life and convenient installation and maintenance. For transporting clean water or other liquids with physicochemical properties similar to water. It can also be used to transport hot water, oil, corrosive or abrasive-containing media by changing the material of the pump's flow-through components, the form of the seal, and adding a cooling system.

The diesel water pump is a diesel powered water pump, which completely reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and is easy to use, move, install, rarely repaired, and has stable performance. So, what are the functional characteristics of the diesel fire pump?

1. Automatic start: After receiving the fire/pipe network pressure/blackout/other start signal, the diesel pump can automatically start and put into full load operation within 15 seconds.
2. Automatic charging: The battery can be automatically charged by the mains or diesel charging motor to ensure the smooth start of the unit.
3. Automatic alarm: Automatic alarm protection for diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other faults, alarm and stop when overspeed.
4. Automatic preheating: The diesel engine is in the standby state to ensure emergency work.
5. Direct connection type: The diesel engine pump below 360kw adopts the direct connection technology of the domestic diesel engine and the water pump through the flexible coupling, which reduces the failure point and greatly shortens the starting time of the unit, and increases the reliability and emergency performance of the unit.
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