Water Pumping Station project related regulatory requirements


Water Pumping Station project related regulatory requirements

"Building Electrical Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance " claim:

14.2.10 metals, non-metallic flexible conduit laying should meet the following requirements:

1, rigid conduit through flexible conduit and electrical equipment, appliance connection, the length of the flexible conduit in power engineering is not greater than 0.8m, the lighting project is not greater than 1.2m.

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2, flexible metal tube or other flexible conduit rigid conduit or electrical settings, connection between the appliance using a dedicated connector; composite flexible metal tube or other flexible conduit joints sealed, fluid-proof cover layer intact;

3, flexible metal conduit and metal flexible conduit can not do earth (PE) or access to zero (PEN) is a continuous conductor.

"Compressor, Blower, water pump installation engineering construction and acceptance" requirement:

Length of straight pipe before the pump inlet should be not less than 3 times the diameter of the inlet, reducing the length of the tube around the water pump should not be less than the size difference between the diameter of 5 to 7 times; fire pump inlet adjustable eccentric top-level connection, using concentric reducer outlet connection.

"Building Water and Heating Engineering Quality Acceptance" Requirements:

3.3.15 pipe interface shall meet the following requirements: bolted flange diameter and length should be standard, tighten, highlight the length should not exceed 1/2 of nut screw diameter.

Key steps of:

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1, the device must be based on careful positioning and sampling, floor construction should be ground before, embedded power management in place, before installation will advance the surface paint on the basis of trowel, to prevent the equipment is installed in the middle portion can not be shut, stucco surface layer damping pad cover equipment and so on.

2, surrounded by equipment U-PVC gutters and drains surrounding the first magnet piece red bars buried, then the concrete ground surface construction.