What are the types of fire pumps?


Firefighting work is an important work related to social progress, economic development, and people's lives. It is related to the development of economic construction, to social stability, to economic development, and to improving the material and cultural life of the people. Safety is the minimum condition. In the past few years, the state has attached great importance to fire protection work, and various local governments have made a lot of efforts accordingly. Fire fighting equipment and urban fire fighting facilities have undergone great changes. The fire fighting pump, as an important equipment for fire fighting and rescue, plays an extremely important role. Therefore, the demand for fire pumps is also growing. Whether it's home, office or any other public place, there are important applications.

When classified according to whether there is a power source, the fire pump can be divided into a non-powered fire pump and a powered fire pump. In this non-powered fire pump, it can be further classified according to many different requirements. Let's take a look at the types of fire pumps that can be unpowered.
First, classify from the occasion of use
Fire pump manufacturers divide these into fire pumps for vehicles, fire pumps for ships, and fire pumps for engineering. The generation of these fire pumps allows people to use specially designed fire pumps in these specific locations, which can be improved in terms of work efficiency.

Second, from the classification of export pressure levels
The fire pump can be divided into a low pressure fire pump, a medium pressure fire pump, a high pressure fire pump, and now a high and low pressure fire pump is also designed.
Third, classify from the use
Fire pump manufacturers divide these fire pumps into water supply fire pumps, regulated fire pumps, and fire pumps for foam. This is a more important classification.
4. Classification according to the auxiliary features of the fire pump when working
The fire pump can be divided into ordinary fire pumps, which are fire pumps that have no auxiliary function. There are also deep well fire pumps, which are used in stricter conditions. Diving fire pump, the type of fire pump are special in design, and it is better in terms of safety and reliability.
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