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In the use of machinery and equipment for many years, there will be more or less such a problem, which is normal in the eyes of ordinary people, but from a professional point of view, this is not the case.
Like a fire pump, after long-time use, some pump bodies or impellers will have holes of varying degrees of pit holes. Normal people think that this is the so-called depreciation of equipment, and in fact, it is true that this is a physical phenomenon called a fire pump cavitation phenomenon. But today, I want to tell everyone that although we cannot completely prevent this phenomenon, we can extend the deadline.

So, How do you stop a fire pump from cavitating?

Here, in addition to the people who use the fire pump, there is also something manufacturer needs to do.

What does the fire pump manufacturer do?

First, improve the smoothness of the pump flow path;
Second, increase the impeller inlet diameter;
Third, reduce the pump speed to reduce the pump internal pressure;
Fourth, for fire pumps operating under severe conditions, manufacturers should develop cavitation resistant materials for them to avoid cavitation damage.

What does fire pump users to do?

First, reduce the installation height of the pump;
Second, reduce the suction pipe resistance;
Third, reduce the temperature of the transport liquid to reduce the vaporization pressure;
Fourth, avoid the use of valve throttling on the inlet line;
Once cavitation occurs, reduce the flow and the speed at the first time.
Fine-manufacturing, fine use, can make the fire pump cavitation generate later!
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