The impeller of the diesel engine fire pump is faulty


The impeller of the diesel engine fire pump is the main component that enables the water to be transported to obtain energy. It is like a heart. The impeller can be said to be the core component of the pump, which directly affects the working efficiency of the pump. In the impeller structure, the blade plays a major role, and the performance of the water pump is closely related to the shape and size of the pump impeller. If the impeller design is not good, there will be hydraulic loss and clearance loss at the pump inlet and blades, which will reduce the operating efficiency of the fire pump. Therefore, when purchasing a fire pump or any other type of water pump, you should pay special attention to the impeller of the water pump, and choose a water pump manufacturer that cooperates with a professional water pump impeller manufacturer to purchase.

The impeller of the water pump is made of cast iron, and generally can be divided into two types: single-suction type and double-suction type. The water pump impeller can adopt this kind of impeller. It can also be divided into three types: closed type, semi-open type and open type. The closed type impeller is composed of blades and front and rear cover plates. It has high efficiency and is most used in centrifugal pumps. It is suitable for transporting clean water such as clear water. Such as fire pumps, water supply equipment; the semi-open impeller is composed of one of the blades and the front and rear cover plates, and the gap can be adjusted to improve the efficiency. Liquids with suspended solids such as particles and fibers are widely used in centrifugal pumps for oil refining and chemical industries; open impellers only have blades and blade reinforcement ribs, no front and rear cover plates, and the number of blades is generally 2-5. The impeller efficiency is low. There are few applications, and it can be used to transport slurry liquid with high viscosity.
Next, Beter Technology Group Co.,Ltd. will introduce to you the treatment method after the impeller of the fire pump is damaged. After a long period of use, the impeller often wears to different degrees. If the degree of wear is not high, the inner hole of the impeller can be expanded on a lathe, and the worn part can be turned, and the corresponding mouth ring can be prepared. With the guide vane bushing to maintain the original clearance. If the impeller is damaged or severely worn due to cavitation, it needs to be replaced.

The cavitation of the impeller is the flow of liquid in the diesel engine fire pump. Since the pressure at the inlet of the impeller is lower than the saturation pressure of the working liquid, part of the liquid will evaporate. The surrounding liquid is replenished here, causing hydraulic impact, which gradually fatigues and damages the impeller surface, causing the metal surface to be peeled off, and then large and small honeycomb pits and even corrosion holes appear. This is a relatively common phenomenon in the operation of fire pumps. The most harmful problem is the impeller of the water pump.
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