The 20th China high-end talent Pump Federation 2016 Working Conference and China Boshan Pump Development Forum


The conference invited Moujie Gang, Director of the Institute of Industrial Pumps of Zhejiang University of Technology, Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Ebara Great Pumps Co., Ltd. Qu Jingtian, general manager of the Danish Grundfos Pumps You Jinglong, chairman of Zhejiang Better Pump Co., Ltd. Luo Weihua, Center for Corporate Governance of Nankai University postdoctoral Qu Liang and well-known domestic pump industry entrepreneurs and scholars. In discussion and exchange of pump industry development status and trends, and also with the majority of enterprises Boshan pump Discussion transformation Road Boshan Pump electromechanical and other traditional industries. Through this meeting, further publicize and promote the pump and valve electromechanical industry project in Shandong, has laid a good foundation for the next industrial city investment.
high-end talent Pump Federation
Opening session
1.  Up to now, there are more than 2200 pumps production enterprises in Boshan, the annual output value of 8.0 billion Yuan, accounting for more than 15% of the national production.
2. Through promotional video “welcome to visit Beautiful Boshan" let the guests which attend the forum deeply understanding of the economic, cultural and environmental of Boshan.
3. Presentation of the pump and valve electromechanical industry project
4. Director of the pump Industrial Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology, a professor-level senior engineer, doctoral tutor, Boshan economic development consultant, Professor Mou Jiegang
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Academic Exchange diesel engine pump
Professors and engineers through vivid way to let guests know a lot of pump industry status and development ideas.
 high-end talent Pump Federation
Our company—Zhejiang Better Pump Co.,LTD. also attend this Conference, and we have also join the discussion, after this Conference , we have learn much more about pump industry status and development.
high-end talent Pump Federation