Several startup forms of fire pumps, Better Technology tells you!


 Several start up forms of fire pumps, Better Technology tells you!

I often hear people say that if you work in an industry for a long time, you will know the industry very well. However, this is not the case in the market for fire pumps. First, the upgrading of technology, the update of fire pumps is very fast, on the other hand, the fire pump itself is a high-tech product, even if people who know every day, do not really understand the fire pump. For example, what kind of start up form does the fire pump have? Do you know?

Today, Better Technology will discuss the start up form of the fire pump.

First, the star triangle start up mode

The start-up mode of the Star Triangle is simple in structure, inexpensive, and highly reliable. To this end, it is widely used to start by reducing the power of the device to reduce the starting current of the device. The current characteristics are very good, and the torque characteristics are poor, so the objective existence is only applicable to the case of no-load or light-load starting.

Second, the auto-coupled buck start mode

The auto-coupling buck start mode uses an auto-transformer to reduce the start up voltage applied to the stator windings of the motor. After the motor is started, the motor is disengaged from the auto-transformer to move normally under full pressure. This step-down start is divided into manual control and automatic control. The buck start can be achieved by selecting the different taps of the auto-transformer based on the allowable starting current and the required starting torque, and can be used regardless of whether the stator winding of the motor is Y or delta.

Third, the soft start mode

The soft start is to achieve smooth start of the motor and mechanical load by using technical methods such as step-down, compensation or frequency conversion, and reduce the influence of the starting current on the power grid, so that the power grid and the mechanical system can be protected. This form is costly but better protected against equipment. The voltage is slowly increased from zero to the rated voltage, so that the starting current of the motor during the starting process is controlled by the uncontrollable overload current in the past. And the starting current can be adjusted as needed.

Fourth, the direct start mode

The direct mode is generally considered to be a pump below 15KW, and the starting load is not more than 20% of the capacity. The restrictions are larger and the actual use is less.


More fire pump start up knowledge, we will make another appointment next time!

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