Three ways to start fire spray pump


Fire spray pump start there are three ways

    1, the pressure switch (including the flow indicator switch) to start

    2, the module automatically starts

    3, multi-line system to start the fire center

    Design 3 ways to do, the purpose is to spare each other.

    The water flow indicator, the alarm valve, the pressure switch, the hydraulic alarm and the fire pump and so on should promptly move, the water flow indicator, the pressure switch, the hydraulic alarm and the fire pump and so on should promptly move, And sends the corresponding signal.

    Check the number: full inspection.

    Check method: open the valve to open the water, use the flow meter and the observation and inspection.

    On the top of the building has a fire booster room its purpose is to start the pump can not instantly make the fire tube pressure to achieve normal working pressure (due to pipe leak tight leaks and other reasons) so the use of Booster pump pipe pressure gauge to detect the normal pressure of the pipeline and the water pressure to add (this is the use of domestic water) In addition to the building walls are also outside the fire hydrant is used to make up for the use of fire engines and no pressure .

    When the wet alarm valve is larger than the O.14MPa, the discharge flow is greater than 1L / s, the alarm valve should be started in time; with the delay (see Figure 1), when the wet alarm valve is running, The hydraulic alarm should be within 5 ~ 90s alarm tone, without delay of the hydraulic alarm bells should be issued within 15s alarm; pressure switch should be timely action and feedback signal.

    (Water system linkage test) start a nozzle or 0.94 ~ 1.5L / s flow from the end of the water test device at the water, the water flow indicator, alarm valve, water pressure indicator alarm, Pressure switches, hydraulic alarm and fire pumps should be timely action, and send the appropriate signal.

    1. fire pump: emergency start (pump cabinet to play manual, manual start, manual stop), fire hydrant button forced pump (fire hydrant button reset can be stopped), fire alarm host remote hand start hand, alarm host linkage start (Alarm reset host press the stop button after the reset to see what the host and pump cabinet, if the pump cabinet is not self-locking mode, part of the host reset after the direct stop);

    2. Spray pump: emergency start, pressure switch to force the pump to stop the pump, remote start and stop, the alarm host linkage control (pressure switch linkage start, pipe network pressure regulator reset, the host reset, with the fire pump)

    1. If not too old floor, in accordance with the new regulations, fire pumps and spray pumps have forced start function (press the button press the mandatory start fire pump, pressure switch action forced start spray pump), that is fire alarm The host even in the manual state, the newspaper button is pressed by the man-made or the water pipe network will lead to pressure switch action to force the start of the big pump (equivalent to double insurance); As we all know, the highest rate of false alarm system, Alarm host only the fire hydrant button and pressure switch will be linked to the pump, even if the host hit in the automatic mode, smoke and other false reports will not automatically report the hand pump, but you can use iFire fire treasure to determine whether false positives, In fact, the use of which way, the basic will not have a big impact on the pump;

    2. Host reset pump will not stop, but also the need to sub-specific circumstances: in the forced start, if the news or press open no reset, the host press reset is not possible to stop the pump; pump cabinet secondary control circuit using self- Lock mode, that is to say, the general multi-line fire on the disk will have Kai, stop each button, can only be used to manually stop the pump; automatic linkage mode, the linkage conditions are reported and press open, Reported and the pressure is forced to start, so under normal circumstances, regardless of the host in the automatic or manual mode, the linkage conditions are not reset, only reset the host does not work.
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