There are four fire hydrant pump start mode


    Indoor high pressure fire water supply system saves the fire hydrant box remote start button and alarm valve group pressure switch, reducing the number of human factors, as long as the usual strengthening of the fire equipment maintenance, inspection and management, can improve the efficiency of fire equipment. In addition, when the use of temporary high-pressure fire water supply system, high fire water tanks should be set in the highest building, and should ensure that the most unfavorable point of the sprinkler system pressure of not less than 0.05 MPa; and should ensure that the indoor fire hydrant network can be filled Water, high-rise buildings should be the most negative point of the indoor hydrant hydrostatic pressure of not less than 0.15 MPa.

    When the high water tank can not meet the above requirements, the fire water supply system should be set up local regulator facilities, and iFire fire treasure can be real-time monitoring. Obviously, in order to be able to fire the most unfavorable point of fire equipment in the early fire to achieve the required water pressure requirements, should be more reliable indoor high pressure fire water supply system, rather than the use of temporary high pressure fire water supply system.

There are four fire hydrant pump start mode:

    1, is the "fire hydrant button" straight Kai fire hydrant pump

    2, is the fire "multi-line control panel" straight Kai fire hydrant pump

    3, is the fire "two bus" linkage pump

    4, fire hydrant pump control cabinet "manual button" start

    There are three fire hydrant pump start:

    First, the "fire hydrant button" start: fire hydrant button four lines to the fire hydrant, two Kai pump, two return signal to the button

    Second, the control center directly Kai pump (manual), multi-line control

    Third, the linkage control: fire alarm signal in the host to confirm, the host output signal to the corresponding fire hydrant pump module, and then start the fire pump.

    Three modes of primary and secondary pump Kai relationship: the control center in the case of linkage controller, the relationship between the three primary and secondary: 1, the pump start control cabinet 2, the control center 3, the fire hydrant button

    The first sequence for the pump to start the control cabinet, in the case of failure of 2,3 two ways can be pump in the pump room to start the control cabinet manual mode directly to start the pump in the automatic mode, the two 2,3 Kai pump To be effective;

    The second order of the control center, the controller is set to automatic mode, the first three pump failure mode, the control center can be used to manually start the pump on the pump directly pump;

    In the first two methods are hit automatic mode, the fire hydrant button by the control center controller delay can be confirmed directly after the pump.

    Pump control start to set the cabinet manually, automatic transfer switch in the linkage control on the pros and cons

    If you set the manual control center, fire hydrant button can not start pump, only in the control cabinet at the pump, usually should be set in the automatic transmission, and set the warning signs, water pump by the person responsible. Third, under normal circumstances the fire hydrant button to start the fire pump is indirectly controlled by the control center output switch contacts to the pump start control cabinet, because the fire hydrant button signal should be confirmed by the control center delay after Kai pump, this can reduce pump malfunction.

    Note: Do not confuse the "Hydrant Button" with the "Manual Alarm Button". Manual alarm button does not start the fire pump function, is the alarm signal transmitted to the alarm host, to the purpose of the alarm.
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