Mobile fire pump truck maintenance


Mobile pump truck, also called trailer fire water pump, is a vehicle that is equipped with a pump, tank, and other components for transporting liquids, such as fuel, water, or chemicals. It is commonly used to refill large tanks, such as those found in fuel tanks, fire trucks, and other large equipment. Mobile pump trucks are typically used in the oil and gas industry, construction industry, and other industries where liquids need to be transported.
trailer mounted fire water pump

Mobile fire pump truck maintenance

1. Perform regular inspections: Inspect the fire pump truck, including the engine, pump, valves, hoses and other components, on a regular basis to ensure they are in proper working order.

2. Change the oil: Change the oil and filter on the fire pump truck at least every six months or after 500 hours of use.

3. Test the pump: Test the fire pump periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly and can deliver the correct pressure and flow.

4. Check the hoses: Inspect the hoses and other components for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them if needed.

5. Keep it clean: Clean the fire pump truck regularly to prevent dirt, debris and other contaminants from interfering with its performance.

6. Check the batteries: Make sure the batteries are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

7. Store it properly: Store the fire pump truck in a dry, secure location and cover it when not in use to protect it from the elements.

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