Applications of mobile emergency drainage pump truck


What is a mobile pump truck? In fact, this kind of pump truck is a piece of equipment for disaster relief. It needs to be stored for a long time, lack of maintenance, and be able to operate under harsh conditions. Therefore, this kind of pump truck can actually deal with emergencies that occur under special circumstances. For example, when the sudden event is characterized by urgency, suddenness, and difficult operation, this pump truck can cope with these situations well.
trailer mounted fire water pump 
Why is the mobile emergency drainage pump truck so easy to use? All this is due to the advancement of equipment technology and the improvement of functions. Combining the water pump and the diesel engine on a pump truck, there is no need to drag long wires and look for places for power supply everywhere. As long as sufficient diesel is prepared, the equipment can be continuously driven to work without interference from other factors, so It is more flexible and free, and has higher mobility in emergency pumping and drainage tasks. The water pump equipped on the pump truck integrates self-priming large flow rate and non-clogging sewage discharge. It adopts the mixed type of axial return flow, which can absorb and discharge impurities containing large particles of solids and long fibers, and can cope with more uncertain working conditions and water bodies. Performance Stable and reliable to use.
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