Precautions during Operation of Magnetic Pump


First, Magnetic pump due to cavitation caused by the problem: pump cavitation caused by the main pump inlet pipe resistance, the transmission medium gas phase more, inadequate irrigation pump, the pump can not head and other reasons. Cavitation on the pump the greatest harm, the occurrence of cavitation when the pump violent vibration, the balance of serious damage, will lead to pump bearings, rotors or impeller damage. This is a common cause of magnetic pump failure.

Second, no medium or transmission medium flow is small: the rotor spindle and stable bearing dry friction, burning bearing. Magnetic pump is provided by the transmission medium to the sliding bearing lubrication and cooling, in the absence of open inlet valve or outlet valve in the case of sliding bearings due to no lubrication and cooling medium and lead to high temperature and damage.

Third, prevent particles from entering
1. Do not allow ferromagnetic impurities, particles into the magnetic actuator and bearing friction pair.
2. Easy to crystallize or transport the media after the rinse (stop the pump after the pump cavity infusion of water, run 1min after discharge clean), to ensure the life of sliding bearings.
3. When transporting media containing solid particles, filter at the inlet of the pump flow tube
Fourth, the isolation sleeve damage: The magnetic coupling magnetic pump is transported by the media cooling, if the media has hard particles, it is likely to cause isolation sets scratches or scratch, and sometimes improper maintenance methods may also cause isolation Sets of damage.

Fifth, prevent dry friction
1. It is strictly forbidden to idling.
2. Never allow the media to pump down.
3. In the case of exit valve closed, the pump continuous operation time shall not exceed 2min, to prevent the magnetic actuator overheating and failure.
Sixth, prevent demagnetization
1. Magnetic torque can not be designed too small.
2. Should be run under the specified temperature conditions, the media temperature is strictly prohibited. Can be installed in the external surface of magnetic pump isolation sleeve platinum resistance temperature sensor to detect the temperature rise in the annulus area, so that the temperature exceeds the limit alarm or shutdown.