Talk about fire pump room function


1, the suction pipe layout requirements
(1)In order to ensure that the fire pump does not ask the water supply, a group of fire pumps suction pipe should not be less than two. When one of them is damaged, the rest of the suction pipe passes through the full amount of water.

(2) high pressure or temporary high pressure fire water supply system, each fire pump (duty pump and standby pump) should have a separate suction pipe. From the fire pool (or municipal pipe network) to take water directly to ensure the supply of fire water.

(3) When the pump shaft elevation below the water (or suction wells) water level, known as self-irrigation water. Fire pump room should adopt self-irrigation water diversion. When using self-irrigation water, the pump suction pipe should be located on the valve, in order to facilitate maintenance.

(4) In order not to the accumulation of air in the suction pipe, suction pipe should be gradually increased slope to the pump, generally greater than or equal to five thousandths of the slope.

(5) suction pipe and pump connection, should not make the suction pipe to accumulate air.

(6) suction pipe in the suction wells (or pool) and the wall, bottom hole should be kept a certain distance.

(7)suction pipe diameter should generally be greater than the pump inlet diameter.

2, the water pipe layout requirements
In order to ensure a reliable water pipe network, when the fire pump outlet pipe and ring pipe network connection, the outlet pipe should not be less than two. When one of the outlet pipe overhaul, the rest of the outlet pipe should still be able to supply all the water.

Fire pump outlet pipe should be set on the one-way valve. At the same time to make the pump parts lubrication, start quickly, then the pump outlet pipe should be set up inspection and test with the release valve, test used water, can be put back to the fire pool.

3, standby fire pump
A spare pump is a pump that is put into operation when a working pump fails or is repaired. It works alternately with the working pump, each other spare.

In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of fire water, fire pumps should be equipped with standby pump. Spare pump flow and head should not be less than the largest pump within the fire pump flow and head. However, if one of the following conditions is met,

(1) factories, warehouses or residential areas where the outdoor fire water consumption does not exceed 25Vs;
(2) seven to nine layers of the modular housing.

4, power supply requirements
The fire pump shall be operated within 5 minutes of the fire and shall operate normally in the event of a fire failure.
Factories, warehouses, offices, schools, etc. with a backup fire pump power supply:
(1) from the two power supply, respectively, to an independent bus-powered;
(2) with two independent bus, by the ring circuit power supply;
(3) in the power plant equipment used in the linkage device to green power;
(4) in the pump room to set up a backup internal combustion engine.
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