Reasons and measures for low engine power of diesel engine fire pump


Reasons for low engine power of diesel engine fire pump:
1. Insufficient air entering the cylinder;
2. The fuel entering the cylinder is insufficient;
3. The inappropriate governor setting;
4. There is air in the fuel system;
5. The fuel filter is blocked;
6. The opening of the intake and exhaust valve is not suitable for compressor loss.

Machines are not humans, and they do not respond to changes. But the machine is regular, and the right medicine can be prescribed immediately when problems occur. Facing the low power of diesel engine fire pump engine, the following solutions are available:
1. Clean the air system. Regardless of whether the diesel engine fire pump engine is under power, it is recommended to clean it regularly;
2. Check the fuel system to see if there is air entering, if so, pay attention to discharge. In addition, it is recommended to check regularly and preventively;
3. Check and adjust the governor;
4. Exhaust the air in the fuel system and check whether the pipeline on the inlet side of the fuel pump is leaking;
5. Replace the oil filter element;
6. Check the timing, adjust the valve clearance, check the compression, and adjust the data.
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