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Diesel engine oil change cycle
Diesel engine oil after a period of time use, will be dirty, oxidation, deterioration, lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing and other performance significantly deteriorated. In the main performance indicators after falling to a certain extent it must be replaced.However, due to the working environment, the use of diesel engine technology status and so on, the staff is difficult to determine whether the replacement so according to the use of Oil for analysis and determination based on whether to replace the oil.

The principle of oil sampling

• Do not add new oil to the diesel engine before sampling;
• Sampling should be used after the thermal shutdown of diesel engines 15 to 30 minutes after the end, as far as possible from the oil under the sampling;
• The sampler should be dry and clean.

Four simple ways to judge the quality of oil

• Color check method
The oil on the white paper, or the oil sample will be extracted in a glass bottle for some time, and then compared with the fresh oil samples observed, the difference is not that oil quality can be. Such as oil deep or completely black, the oil has been seriously deteriorated, should be with the change.
• Visual inspection method
Sampling a certain amount of oil slowly pour out from the container, observe the oil luster, turbidity, such as oil can maintain slender and uniform, with a certain viscosity, that is oil in the debris, less water, you can continue to use.
• Filter check method
Take 100ml with oil, add 200ml of unleaded petrol diluted, and then filter with filter paper and be dried, when the sludge sediment to 2 grams should be replaced when the oil.
• Odor inspection method
In the use of oil such as oxidation is serious, there will be a strong pungent smell; if diluted by diesel, you will smell a strong smell of diesel.

The principle of oil selection

• Preferred branded products;
• Preference for oil with lower viscosity grades;
• Choose to use cost-effective products;
• Try to use multi-grade oil.
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