Large flow non-clogging mobile pump truck manufacturer


The large-flow non-blocking mobile pump truck can transport urgently needed water to the destination in a short time, or pump and drain the accumulated water in urban roads or airports in a short time in an emergency, so as to achieve flood control and disaster relief to protect the people The purpose of life and property safety. The mobile pump truck can realize fast maintenance, light transportation, and no need to disassemble the pipeline system; in addition, when the use is over, the water outlet can be easily opened, which is convenient for non-destructive storage, and can be used at any time to achieve a 24-hour standby state.


1. Compact structure, small size, light and flexible to move

2. Open impeller design, large flow without clogging, smooth operation of the pump, low noise

3. The shaft seal adopts packing seal or mechanical seal, which is safe and reliable and has a long service life

4. The pump body is cast with high-strength ductile iron, electrostatically sprayed, high-quality, high-strength paint surface protection

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