High Buildings need to be equipped with electric fire pumps


All places especially high buildings need to be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, and fire pumps are necessary water intake equipment for fire-fighting facilities. At least one or two fire pumps are equipped. Our commonly used fire pumps are electric fire pumps and diesel engine fire pumps. The difference between the two is The electric fire pump needs to be supplied by the power system. If the power is cut off, the diesel engine fire pump can be started at any time to make up for the original electric fire pump

Electric fire pumps can provide fire water supply for general occasions. Diesel engine fire pumps need to be aimed at large flow, high lift fire water material supply occasions, and have good characteristics for the starting system of diesel automobile engines, fast start-up development speed, and strong overload capacity. , no need to run standby, energy saving is effective. Diesel engine fire pumps have complete performance and a wide range. Single-stage single-suction pumps, multi-stage single-suction pumps, self-priming pumps, long-axis pumps and other pumps can be used, and they can also be used in combination and in parallel, with a wide range of flow and pressure. Diesel fire-fighting pumps are widely used in fire-fighting system water supply in various occasions of industrial and mining production enterprises such as data warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemicals, and power plants. The flow rate is large, the head is high, and the temperature of the conveying medium can reach 80°C.
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