Introduction of Mobile pump unit


 BETTER Technology's series of Mobile pump unit appears to have achieved significant success and expertise in urban drainage and mine rescue applications. Here is some key information about these devices:
Purpose: Mobile pump unit are specialized equipment designed for rapid drainage, particularly suited for urban drainage and emergency rescue missions. They boast strong maneuverability, enabling quick responses to reach areas requiring drainage. They can swiftly remove accumulated water, reducing flood risks and supporting rescue efforts.
Water Storage Capacity: BETTER Technology's Mobile pump unit offer substantial water storage capacity, with a maximum of 4,000 cubic meters. This means they can handle large-scale water drainage tasks. Furthermore, there are plans for the development of even higher-capacity equipment, with storage capacities ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 cubic meters. This will further enhance the equipment's performance and value.
Collaboration and Training: BETTER Technology collaborates with Jiangsu University for joint research and development of new drainage equipment, which is expected to enhance product quality. Additionally, they have partnered with the Zhejiang Emergency Management Bureau to establish a rescue team. This team includes three vehicles and dozens of trained personnel who are proficient in operating drainage pump trucks, ensuring these devices can maximize their impact in daily emergency rescue and disaster relief tasks.
In summary, BETTER Technology's series of Mobile pump unit has achieved notable progress in the fields of drainage and rescue. Through ongoing research and development efforts and collaborations, they are continually improving equipment performance to better serve flood prevention and disaster relief efforts in the community
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