How to select deep well vertical fire pump?


Proper selection of deep well vertical fire pump can prolong the service life of pumps, motors, and water wells, so how to choose a suitable deep well vertical fire pump? To choose, you must first understand the structural characteristics of the deep well fire pump, and then you must know what the working conditions are. The other is to choose a regular deep well vertical fire pump manufacturer.

Application characteristics of deep well vertical fire pump

Deep well fire water pump is a widely used pumping and drainage equipment, suitable for power plants, steel plants, mines, chemicals, fire protection, water plants, agricultural irrigation and other industries. The deep well vertical fire pump is a vertical pump composed of single or multiple centrifugal or mixed-flow impellers, guide casings, riser pipes, transmission shafts, pump bases, motors and other components. The pump base and the motor are located on the upper part of the wellhead (or pool), and the power of the motor is transmitted to the impeller shaft through the drive shaft concentric with the water pipe, driving the impeller to generate flow and head.

Structural characteristics of deep well vertical fire pump

The deep well fire fighting pump consists of three parts: the working part, the lifting pipe part and the well part.

The working part is composed of working parts and water filter parts. The working parts are composed of guide shell, impeller, tapered sleeve, shell bearing and impeller shaft and other parts. The impeller is a closed structure. The shells are connected by bolts. Wear-resistant rings can be equipped on the guide shell and impeller.

The water pipe part is composed of water pipe, transmission shaft, coupling and bracket parts. The lift pipe is connected with flange or pipe thread. The material of the drive shaft is 45# steel or stainless steel. When the bearing part of the drive shaft is worn out, if it is a threaded lift pipe, the installation positions of the two short lift pipes can be changed to reuse. If it is a flange-connected pumping pipe, the up and down direction of the transmission shaft can be exchanged, and it can be used again. The deep well fire pump with threaded connection of the lifting pipe is equipped with a special locking ring at the connection between the pump base and the upper end of the lifting pipe, which can effectively prevent the accident of the lifting pipe falling off.

The uphole part is composed of pump base parts, special motor for deep well pumps (over 400Kw, it is a common vertical motor specially designed for deep well pumps), motor shafts, couplings and other components. Optional electric control box, short outlet pipe, intake and exhaust valves, pressure gauges, check valves, gate valves and rubber or stainless steel expansion joints.

Performance characteristics of long axis deep well fire pump

Performance range (by design point)

Flow Q: 20~200㎡3/h

Head H: 30~165

Power N: 4~110KW

Speed n: 2940, 1460, 980 r/min

Deep well vertical fire pump working medium requirements

The pumping medium should meet the following conditions:

The temperature does not exceed 40°C, the solid content (by weight) is not more than 0.01%, the pH value of the acid-base ratio is 6.5~8.5, the hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/l, and does not contain any oil.

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