How to prolong the life of fire pump?


If you want your diesel engine fire pump to be easy to use and durable, it is not enough to choose the right model. The installation and testing of the equipment, the maintenance of components during use and the handling of later failures are also very critical. The following are the details of diesel engine fire pump maintenance.

Because the biggest difference between the diesel engine fire pump and other fire pumps is that the diesel engine drives the operation of the machine, so the maintenance is also more complicated than the general electric water pump, and the maintenance of the diesel engine and the fire water pump needs to be done well.

1. Features of Diesel Engine Fire Pump

1. Clean the appearance of the diesel engine and its auxiliary equipment - use a dry cloth or a rag soaked in diesel to wipe off the oil stains, water and dust on the surface of the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc.
2. Check the engine oil in the oil sump—the quantity is sufficient and the quality is good, so as to avoid early wear of the plunger pair and the oil outlet valve assembly, resulting in insufficient power of the diesel engine, difficulty in starting, internal leakage of the oil pump, poor work of the oil outlet valve, The tappet and shell of the fuel pump are worn, and the seal ring is damaged
3. Regularly check the water volume in the water tank - if the water volume is insufficient, replenish it in time and add clean fresh water. If groundwater is directly added, scale will easily form in the water tank, which will affect the cooling effect and even cause malfunction. Due to the low temperature in the northern region, it is necessary to prepare suitable antifreeze
4. Ensure the cleanliness of diesel oil——clean or replace the filter element in time, clean the fuel tank, thoroughly remove the sludge and water at the bottom of the fuel tank, and prevent the impurities in the diesel from causing serious corrosion to the plunger pair of the fuel injection pump and the coupling parts of the fuel outlet valve or wear

2. Diesel engine fire pump facilities

1. Appearance - tidy, well-painted, clear signs and clear writing on the nameplate
2. Pump body - flexible rotation, no jamming, the pump shaft and the motor shaft are on the same center line, the base is fastened, the screws are free of rust, the gaskets are neat, the pump body has no water seepage, overflow, sand holes, and the pump shaft has no overflow due to water seepage to the ground
3. Valves, pipes and accessories - the valves can be opened and closed flexibly, without jamming, tightly closed, without water leakage inside and outside, the valve body and handle are in good condition, the valve stem is well lubricated, and the appearance is clean
4. Pressure gauge - the pointer is flexible, the indication is accurate, the dial is clear, and the position is easy to observe

It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance work on the diesel unit fire pump, so as to effectively extend its service life. ZJBetter has been producing fire pump sets for 17 years. If you encounter unresolved problems, you can directly communicate with our manufacturers and after-sales professionals to solve them.
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