How to install pipeline centrifugal pump?


 Installation points of pipeline centrifugal pump

The installation position of the pipeline centrifugal pump should meet the requirements of the allowable suction vacuum height, the foundation must be horizontal and stable, to ensure that the direction of rotation of the power machine is the same as the direction of rotation of the pump. When the pump and the power machine are connected by shaft, ensure that the shaft center is in the same straight line to prevent vibration and one-sided bearing wear when the unit is running; if the tape drive is used, the shaft centers should be parallel to each other and the tape wheels should be right. If there are multiple units in the same machine room, there should be more than 800mm distance between units and units and between units and walls. Horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump suction pipe must be well sealed, and minimize the elbow and gate valve, when filling the priming water should be exhausted, the air should not accumulate in the pipe when running, the suction pipe is slightly upward sloping and pump inlet connection, the inlet should be submerged to a certain depth. The reserved holes on the foundation of the pump should be poured according to the size of the pump.
 pipeline centrifugal pumppipeline centrifugal pump 

Common fault analysis and treatment method of pipeline centrifugal pump

Affecting the pump flow is mostly the suction pipe leakage, bottom valve leakage; water inlet blockage; bottom valve into the water depth is not enough; pump speed is too low; sealing ring or impeller wear is too large; suction height exceeds the standard, etc. Check the suction pipe and bottom valve, block the source of air leakage; clean the silt or blockage at the water inlet; the depth of the bottom valve into the water must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe, increase the depth of the bottom valve into the water; check the power supply voltage, improve the pump speed, replace the sealing ring or impeller; reduce the installation position of the pump, or replace the high head pump. Power consumption is too high pump speed is too high; pump spindle is bent or pump spindle and motor spindle are not centered or parallel; choose pump head is not suitable; pump inhalation mud and sand or blockage; motor ball bearing is damaged, etc. Check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; correct the pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor; choose the pump with suitable head; clean the mud and sand or blockage; replace the ball bearing of the motor.

The pump body vibrates violently or produces noise The pump is not installed firmly or the pump is installed too high; the motor ball bearing is damaged; the pump spindle is bent or is not centered or parallel to the motor spindle, etc. Install the pump steadily or lower the installation height of the pump; replace the motor ball bearing; correct the bent pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor.
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