Hot water circulating pump performance characteristics


Hot water circulating pump performance characteristics:

1, open the door structure and lengthened the middle coupling design, maintenance impeller, mechanical seal, without dismantling the pump body, the motor and the import and export pipeline can be carried out, very simple and convenient;

2, hot water circulating pump pump shaft with structural optimization design, improve the overall rigidity of the pump shaft, thereby reducing the deflection and reduce the vibration and noise pump operation;

3, hot water circulation pump, according to different media, the choice of standard mechanical seals or metal bellows mechanical seal;

4, the mechanical seal cooling chamber volume than similar products to large, cooling effect, and extended the mechanical seal life;

5, between the sealing chamber and the hot water circulating pump inlet has a throttle bypass pipe, so that the sealed chamber of the high pressure medium flow to the pump inlet, so that the sealed indoor medium circulation, not only reduces the sealing chamber temperature and pressure, Is conducive to the mechanical seal life, but also improve the hot water circulation pump cavitation performance;

6, the mechanical seal gland additional cooling water chamber, cooling water can be quenched by the static ring, when the medium temperature exceeds 170 ℃, can choose to use their own mechanical seal threaded pump, external heat exchanger, with the cooling of the pump Send media flushing seal face, greatly extending the life of mechanical seal;

7, the choice of enhanced bearings, and increased lubrication oil tank and the cooling chamber volume, extended bearing life;
8, the latest three-dimensional impeller hydraulic design, high efficiency, anti-cavitation performance, and can be used for condensate pump.