Indians to set off fireworks celebrate Diwali, causing environmental pollution concerns


Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, held every year in October or November, on the last day of the Indian calendar. Indian people will distribute candy, greetings to relatives and friends, and lanterns or oil lamps at home to celebrate.

"Diwali" in Hindi word in the "light of rows of discharge" of Italy, which is also known as Diwali commemorates overcome evil with good Hindu god Mingluo Mo (Rama). Rama is the Indian epic "Ramayana" hero, according to records, the successor to the throne of Rama is unfortunately exiled for 14 years, during his wife Siddhartha (Sita) was demon Ravana (Ravana) abducted, and ultimately Rama killed the devil to save his wife, was regarded as gods.

Millions of people in India have set off fireworks on that day to celebrate the equivalent of the “Spring festival” or Diwali Festival, fireworks resounded through the sky, one after another, and continues until even the midnight. Diffuse smoke or will continues for several days, causing environmental protection concerns. If water in the Ganges Riverhas been Polluted, our sewage pump will help.