Fire water pump maintenance


In the daily maintenance of the fire pump, we need to ensure that the water inlet and outlet pipes, the various components of the controller, and the diesel engine system can work normally, and ensure that the power part is firmly connected to the water pump. We also need to check the opening status of the pump room, fire pump system, and various valves to ensure that the pump room has good heat dissipation conditions and that the components of the pump are in normal working condition.

Specific contents of maintenance

Check the sealing condition of the pump unit daily, and the horizontally installed fire pump will not drip more than one drop per second before it is put into operation.

Check the fire pump system and electrical control part every week, and the pump set is required to be in good condition.

Check the heat dissipation and ventilation facilities of the pump room every week to ensure that the ordinary electric pump room is not lower than 4°C, and the diesel fire pump room is not lower than 2l°C.

In addition to observation, weekly actual operation is also very important. In order to avoid unexpected situations in the pump in emergency situations, the water pump must be run every week to observe whether the sealing ring of the water pump is firm and whether the water pump body is overheated; observe the maximum flow rate of the water pump flowmeter, Whether it is 150% of the rated flow.

How to do it?

Fire pump The fire pump should run at least once a week. The running time should be no less than 10 minutes for electric pumps and no less than 30 minutes for diesel pumps. Check whether the outlet pressure of the pumps meets the requirements.

Before the fire pump runs every week, check whether the pump set is in good condition. Requirements: ①The suction, release and bypass pipes of the pump can all be opened; ②The pump unit has no leakage; ③The pressure gauges of the inlet and outlet pipes are normal; ④The fire pool is full of fire water.

Before the fire water pump runs every week, check whether the electrical control part is in good condition. Requirements: ①The positive indicator light of the power switch is normal; ②The switching and conversion indicator lights are normal; ③The standby power is turned on, and the isolation switch is turned off; ④The alarm feedback signal indicator light is off, and the normal indicator light is on.

Before the fire pump runs every week, check that the switching between the main and standby power sources is normal, and check the backup power supply to see if the pump can be put into normal operation within 30 seconds; check whether the backup water pump can be automatically switched and put into operation.

Check whether the gate valve, check valve and water hammer elimination device on the water outlet pipeline are normal.

Remove debris at the mouth of the suction pipe to prevent blockage.

Open the terminal water test device or fire hydrant to discharge water, and check whether the water pump can start normally.
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