DJ-OTS electric diesel engine fire pump set


DJ-OTS electric and diesel engine dual-drive fire pump set is also called dual-power fire pump. It is a large-scale fire-fighting equipment that can be driven by both diesel engine and electric drive. It is a fire-fighting equipment that is used more abroad, but relatively less in China . This heat exchanger dual-drive fire pump unit is customized by Best Technology for a German customer. The product is large in size, but it has good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation and high degree of automation.

1. Automatic start: After the diesel engine pump unit receives a fire alarm/pipe network pressure/power failure/or other start signals, it can automatically start within 15 seconds and put into full-load operation;

2. Automatic charging: the battery can be automatically charged by the city power or diesel engine charging motor to ensure the smooth start of the unit;

3. Automatic alarm: automatic alarm protection for diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other faults, and alarm and stop when overspeed;

4. Automatic preheating: make the diesel engine in a hot standby state to ensure emergency work;

5. Direct connection type: The diesel engine pump unit below 360kw adopts the domestically created diesel engine and water pump direct connection technology through elastic couplings, which reduces failure points, greatly shortens the starting time of the unit, and increases the reliability and emergency performance of the unit ;

6. Users can also request to set other alarm outputs (non-standard supply);

7. It has the functions of telemetry, remote signaling and remote control (non-standard supply).
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