How to remove the fire pump rust ? | ZJBetter


First, manual rust removal.
Manual rust removal is the most common way for fire pump rusts. In the daily fire pumps maintenance, when we find that the fire pump get rusty, we can directly use this method. So, how does rust removal work? Quite simply, the rust is removed by using a rust removal tool. For example, gently scrape off only a little bit of rust on the fire pump with a blade, thus preventing the rusted surface from expanding. Manual rust removal is the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Second, the rust remover
The so-called rust remover naturally uses chemical agents to remove rust through chemical reactions with rust. This method has the obvious effect of removing rust and can be taken when the fire pump get rusty in a large area, which is quick and convenient. The fire pump will become more lustrous, shiny, and looks slightly refreshed, after descaling with a rust remover. In general, there are many rust removers on the market, but in order to ensure that the fire pump will not be damaged, we recommend the rust remover with good quality.
The fire pump is a metal product, which is prone to get rusty in a humid environment. Moreover, the fire pump is an emergency device, and it is often placed, not used for a long time, and only be used when the fire breaks out. In order to better prevent the rust of the fire pump, Better Technology Co., Ltd. especially reminded that the working environment of the fire pump is the key to determining the rust time of the fire pump.
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