How to manage the fire pump room and fire pumps?


The fire pump room is the main part that provides fire fighting water, and is an important part directly related to fire safety. In order to handle the water pump room, the following procedures should be strictly implemented:
1. All mechanical and electrical engineering equipment of the pump house, underground pool, and fire fighting system are monitored by the equipment and firefighting staff. They are regularly inspected and maintained, cared for, cleaned, and recorded. Problems that cannot be handled should be reported for rectification as soon as possible.
2. The mechanical and electrical engineering equipment in the pump room is in charge of the equipment and firefighting staff. The rest of the staff must operate, and irrelevant staff are not allowed to enter the pump room.

3. Under normal operation of all equipment in the pump room, the switch should be configured in the automatic position, and the symbols for all operations are simple and clear.
4. Fire pumps and sprinkler pumps are inspected every day, and an "automatic and manual" operation inspection is carried out, and a full maintenance every quarter.
5. The control circuit power supply of the pump room shall be inspected monthly to check whether the fire water pump can operate automatically when the main engine is obstructed.
6. Clean the sewage tank, and maintain the pumps and pipes often.
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