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The fire pump has the advantages of full sealing, no leakage, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire protection and other departments to pump various types of liquids. It is an ideal pump for creating a leak-free, pollution-free civilized workshop and civilized factory. So how to select a cost-effective fire pump? what informations you should know before buying a fire pump?

1. Caculate and determine the flow and head. The flow and head of the fire pump should be calculated and determined according to the fire water volume and water pressure requirements of the service project.
2. Certificates required. Fire pumps should have authoritative certificates, such as UL certification, or certification required by import and export countries, and meet NFPA 20 standards, etc., these fire pumps are reliable to choose.
3. Application infomation. According to the characteristics of the project, the power supply, the location and area of the fire pump room and the specific conditions of the fire water supply system, then select the type of fire pump.
4. The fire pumps of the temporary high-pressure or stable high-pressure fire water supply system shall adopt the operation mode of one-use one-preparation or multi-use one-preparation. The standby pump should have the same performance as the working pump, and the working capacity should not be smaller than one of the fire pump manufacturers. When it is used for more than one, the influence of the pump flow rate on the outlet pressure of the pump should be considered.

5. The fire pump should be equipped with a spare pump, and its working capacity should not be less than that of a larger fire pump. When the outdoor fire fighting water consumption of factories, warehouses, storage yards and storage tanks is less than or equal to 25 L / s or the indoor firefighting water consumption of buildings is less than or equal to 10 L / s, no standby pump may be provided. The fire pump should be guaranteed to start within 30s after the fire alarm. Fire pumps and power machinery should be directly connected.
6. The power of the motor shaft of the fire pump should meet the working requirements within the operating conditions of the pump (on the curve of the pump). The pump performance curve has no hump, and the pressure of the fire pump when it is stopped should not exceed 140% of the rated pressure of the system design. When the flow rate of the pump is 150% of the rated flow, the pressure of the pump should not be lower than 65% of the rated pressure .

The choice of fire pump must be based on actual project, or site conditions and economic conditions. In addition, the fire pump price is generally higher than that of ordinary water pumps because of its special purpose and materials. We are a professional fire pump factory, with certification, factory price, and after-sales guarantee, if you are interested, you can leave us a message, we will send you the fire pump catalog and the fire pump specification.

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