Fire pump operation procedures | how to operate fire pumps?


The main purpose of the fire pump operating procedures is to ensure the safety and correctness of the operation. The procedures are applicable to fire fighting equipment in buildings. 

1. Check before starting
1. Check the process valve switching status, and whether the backflow valve switching status meets the requirements.
(1) During the daily test of the pump, the backflow valve should be fully opened and the valve group valve should be in the closed position. When trying the foam outlet of 1# foam pump and 2# pump, it is necessary to close the inlet valves of Vp111, Vp112, and Vp212, and open the Px021 return valve to start the pump; try 2# pump water outlet, 3#, 4# fire pump, It is necessary to open the Px011 reflux valve to start the pump. After testing the pump, restore all valves to the specified state.
(2) When an emergency occurs or when water is needed for fire fighting drills, open the valve in the valve block corresponding to the position where fire water (foam) is needed, and the c valve is closed.
(3) The pump inlet valve must have a normally open, and the outlet valve must be in the closed position.

2. Check that the clutch handle of the vacuum suction device should be in the "closed" position.
3. Open the air release valve and close the air release valve after resetting the float assembly. 

2. Operation steps of starting and stopping the pump
1. After starting the pump, check the running current of the motor and whether the pump is running normally. If there is any abnormality, stop the pump immediately.
2. Observe the pressure gauge at the outlet of the pump. When the pointer of the pressure gauge reaches the rated working pressure and is stable, gradually open the outlet valve and try to make the pump work in the rated state.
3. After the pump is filled with water normally, move the clutch handle of the vacuum suction device to the "div" position.
4. Observe the pressure of the valve group. The pressure of the clean water valve group is kept at about 0.8Mpa, and the foam valve group is kept at about 1.0Mpa. If the pressure cannot be maintained, adjust the control pressure of outlet and backflow valve.
5. The temperature of the pump and motor bearings should be checked frequently. The high temperature should not exceed 75 degrees. Check that the working current of the motor should be within the normal range.
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