Congratulations! Better Technology added four national patents again In 2019


Congratulations to Better Technology Co., Ltd. for adding two invention patents and two computer software copyrights in 2019, namely “A Water Pump for Sewage Systems”, “A Vibration Damping Pad for A Centrifugal Pump”, and “Fire Protection Electrical Control System V1.0", "Integrated Pump Station Intelligent Control System V1.0".

"A Water Pump for Sewage System"
It refers to a sewage pump developed by Better Technology. The invention reduces the risk of water leakage, prolongs the service life of the water pump, reduces impurities in the sewage through the filter net and the crushing wheel, and avoids blockage of sewage. The cavity and the impeller improve the service life of the motor, and the water-free protection is performed by the first water flow sensor and the second water flow sensor, thereby improving the overall performance of the water pump.

"A Vibration Damping Pad for A Centrifugal Pump"
The present invention relates to a vibration damping pad of a centrifugal pump, which is put into a high-mixing machine at a high-speed stirring and mixing, extruded and granulated by an extruder, and then machine-formed. Make a vibration damping pad for the centrifugal pump.
Fire Protection Electrical Control System V1.0"
It is mainly used for software control and management of electrical equipment. It has DC resistance test, equipment monitoring, test data analysis, HVDC transmission monitoring, data recording, event recording, test project, transformer power monitoring. And other functions. In this software, users can better manage the electrical power to save time and speed up work efficiency.
"Integrated Pump Station Intelligent Control System V1.0"
It is the PLC reading the liquid level sensor, liquid level signal in the automatic running state, comparing the liquid level value fed back by the liquid level sensor with the set value, automatically starting, stopping, selecting which water pump is running and the number of runs to achieve optimum operating efficiency, and a computer software that smashes the grille to automatically run according to the set time.

In 2019, Better Technology won 4 patents, which is not only the affirmation of Better technology and the level of innovation, but also the recognition of the quality of professional services. Since its establishment, Better Technology has successfully obtained 14 invention patents and 4 software copyrights. On the road of scientific research and innovation, Better Technology has achieved fruitful results, which has further strengthened our footsteps in invention patents. The company has more Invention patents are pending.

Better Technology has always been driven by continuous development and innovation, pursuing continuous improvement and development. Obtaining utility model patents is not only the crystallization of the hard work of our R&D staff, but also the display of the company's innovative strength, which is conducive to strengthening the company's independent invention and copyright protection. The company's leading edge in the technology field, further enhancing the company's core competitiveness, also marks a solid step on the road of innovation and development.
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