Construction of fire pump house in large shopping malls and high-rise buildings


 Construction of fire pump house in large shopping malls and high-rise buildingsIn the era of diversified information, fire pumps are not a novelty product as a safety-guaranteed mechanical device. However, it is precisely because ordinary people are common that fire pumps play a decisive role in people's lives. Recently, the development of the Internet has driven the expansion of the economy, making the sales channels of fire pumps more and more extensive. To this end, the industry has asserted that the fire pump is entirely possible to set off another new economic situation.

However, we all know that the quality of fire pumps is grasped by fire pump manufacturers. So, what about the environment of fire pumps?

First. During the operation of the fire pump, certain noise will be generated. In order to better isolate the noise, some soundproof building materials are needed for effective sound insulation. In addition, some vibration isolation settings should be made to avoid affecting the upper and lower or adjacent rooms.

Second, in order to better establish a communication channel with the local fire brigade, the fire pump room needs to set up communication equipment.

Third, the fire pump room should be constructed with at least two outlet pipes, and connected with the annular fire water supply network to ensure that each pipe can independently obtain all the water in the pool.

Fourth, the fire pump room layout, foundation and pipeline vibration isolation, suction pipe and water collection pit design and pump room drainage ditch, heating, lifting, ventilation should meet the fire code requirements. In addition, if the anti-pump room is set on the first floor, it is required that the evacuation door should be directly outside. When the fire pump room is installed in the basement or floor, its evacuation door should be close to the safety exit.

Fifth. According to the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" (GB50016-2006), the fire-resistant pump room required for independent construction shall have a fire resistance rating not lower than Grade 2, and the door of the fire pump room shall be Class A fire door. According to the "Code for Fire Protection of High-rise Civil Buildings" (GB50045-1995), when installing a fire pump room in a high-rise building, the partition wall with a fire resistance of not less than 2.0h and the floor of 1.5h shall be separated from other parts. Class A fire door.


The premise requirements for the fire protection system of large shopping malls and high-rise buildings are perfect. The number and quality of fire pumps to be quoted must be guaranteed. In addition, the plant where the fire pump is located also needs to be built according to the specifications. In the past few days, it is a high-rise building and a large building. Typical requirements for large fire pump valves required by shopping malls. In addition, in addition to the above points, more fire pump room construction standards, please refer to the relevant national regulations.

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