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What kind of fire pump is really a good fire pump. How to verify the quality of the fire pump? In addition to the check approval of the relevant departments,the related tests before the fire pump factory should be done. for example, factory commissioning. So where is the focus of fire pump commissioning?

New requirements of Fire pump commissioning!
First of all, if the fire pump is mainly in the form of automatic direct start or manual direct start, the fire pump should be put into normal operation within 55s, and there should be no bad noise and vibration. On the contrary, if the startup time is too long, or the noise is large, it is obvious that the quality has not reached the standard.
Secondly, if the fire pump is based on the standby power switching mode or the standby pump switching mode, the fire pump should be put into normal operation within 1min or 2min respectively. On the contrary, it is better to change the product.

Furthermore, the fire pump should be do performance test on site after installation. The performance should be consistent with the data provided by the manufacturer and should meet the design flow and pressure requirements of the fire water supply.
The pressure of the fire pump at zero flow shall not exceed 140% of the design working pressure; when the outflow is 150% of the design working flow, the outlet pressure shall not be lower than 65% of the design working pressure.
These are some basic details of fire pump commissioning. Non-Industry insiders, especially those who purchase, often have problems due to lack of knowledge about fire pumps.

BetterTechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development and design of fire pumps. Each fire pump produced is tested by relevant inspectors and the internal professionals use detection devices, then provide to customers. Therefore, every fire pump manufactured by Better Technology Co., Ltd. can withstand commissioning.
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