The role of the fire controller - fire pump partner


Recently, fire safety awareness has gone deep into people’s hearts. Many people pay more attention to fire pumps with the improvement of fire safety awareness. In many places, fire controller have been installed under the full fire protection system. In the early years, fire controller were unnecessary for many people, but this is not the case. The fire controller is also an indispensable member of the fire safety system. Let's see why a fire safety system needs to equip with fire pump controller.

The role of the pump control panel:
Strengthen management
The fire pump requires human operation and maintenance management. However, for large-scale shopping malls, if there are a large number of fire pumps, one or two managers cannot manage them. At this time, fire controllers are needed. The fire controller can control multiple pumps to ensure the normal operation of the fire pump.

Improve the efficiency of fire pumps
The fire pump control panel can meet the functions that a single fire pump can't provide, such as the function of simultaneous start. In some dangerous situations, a single fire pump often cannot meet the needs, and multiple fire pumps need to work at the same time to improve the effect of the fire pump and achieve timely protection. Controlling the operation, start-up, and shutdown of all fire pumps through the fire controller can greatly improve the efficiency of the fire pump.

Fire controller with failure alarm function
When a single fire pump is working, if there is insufficient water supply, power supply circuit failure, etc., it is not easy to be discovered in time, and eventually the fire pump is damaged. The fire controller can be used to remind all kinds of faults through the alarm function of the control cabinet, to eliminate in time the safety hazards of the fire pump.

ZJBetter fire pump controller adopts a pump with a backup for mutual switching, with manual and automatic control mode, and can receive fire linkage signal, manual control priority in any working state, with power phase loss, phase-shift sound and light alarm and output Protection functions such as overload, short circuit, phase loss, and three-phase unbalance. It is also equipped with surge protection. This controller passes the 17 high-strength tests, which is qualified and can adapt to various environments!
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