Diesel fire pumps notices during using


Diesel fire pumps are usually used in firefighting facilities. We should maintain it regularly. In addintion, Problems that should be noted during use.
First, inspecting the fire pump before use is very important. Before turning on the diesel fire pump, the pump body and other facilities should be inspected in detail. If there is excessive wear of the parts, must be replaced in time. Small parts such as seals at the interface of the parts should also be inspected to avoid damage during use.

Second, pay attention to the engine. When turn on the diesel fire pump, observe the working state of the engine, and avoid the engine working time is too long. If the body overheats or makes strange noises, it is necessary to stop the operation and check.
Third, the well-maintained suction pipe for the suction pipe is a prerequisite for the effective operation of the diesel powered fire pump, so the suction pipe should be given a high degree of attention. The filter should be installed at the front end of the suction pipe to prevent the entry of impurities from damaging the pump body. Do not insert the suction pipe too deeply when absorbing water. Keep a certain distance from the bottom of the water source to avoid inhaling impurities.
Fourth, regular inspection of the diesel fire pumps is very necessary!
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