Is your diesel engine fire pump installed correctly


 Is your diesel engine fire pump installed correctly

The diesel engine fire pump is an excellent multi-purpose fire pump with complete functions and compact structure. With the advancement of technology, diesel engine fire pumps have become more and more technological, and fully automatic diesel engine fire pumps have come out. From the customer's point of view, the more innovative technology products, the more expensive. However, some customers have indicated that the diesel engine fire pump has not been bought for a long time, and the problems are frequently exposed, which affects the operation. So, is it a quality issue or something else?

Better Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing high-quality fire pumps all the year round. Its diesel engine fire pumps are sold in the market and are well received by customers. However, in order to better find out and improve the daily problems of diesel engine fire pumps, professional engineers are often dispatched to return visits to old customers. It is found that the diesel engine fire pump market has operational failures, mostly because the installation is not in place. So, how can the diesel engine fire pump be installed? Below, let's take a look!

Diesel engine fire pump installation details

1. Pack the diesel exhaust pipe to the outside with asbestos and install rainproof device or install it 30° downwards, and install a muffler. The purpose is to ensure that the air in the equipment room is fresh, avoiding a large amount of heat being emitted indoors and reducing noise.
2. There should be about 1m of channel and space on both sides of the unit and in front of the cooling fan and water tank for the purpose of convenient heat dissipation, maintenance and maintenance.

3. Do not install the control cabinet directly in front of the radiator of the diesel engine fire pump, so as not to affect the normal operation of the electrical components in the cabinet.

4. Set enough ventilation outlets in the equipment room to keep ventilation, and note that the temperature of the equipment room does not exceed 40 °C.

5. Remember not to add the installation weight of the diesel engine fire pump inlet and outlet pipe network to the fire pump, so as to avoid damage to the fire pump and affect performance.

6, according to the height of the equipment and lifting equipment, determine the height of the machine room, in general, the effective height is maintained at 3m ~ 5m.

Good equipment, fine installation, in order to better play the role.

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