Diesel fire pump characteristics and uses


XBC diesel engine fire pump can be installed together with the fire control cabinet integrated, full-featured, high degree of automation, compact structure, automatic fault alarm and accept a start signal to complete the start-up procedure on their own, can quickly put into full load operation. Units can demand matching shock absorber, rubber flexible joints and exhaust ports with bellows muffler. In the lack of fuel, low battery voltage, oil temperature is high, such as speeding, equipped with an alarm device to ensure that the diesel engine cold start environment. The entire system is safe and reliable, easy to use.
fire pump
First, diesel fire pump Features
1. Pump main fire pumps, fire can be started automatically according to circumstances;
2. The regulator is equipped with a pump constant pressure in the pipe;
3. The diesel pump spare fire pumps, fire automatic start without power;
4. Diesel pump failure pump starts.
Second, the use of diesel fire pumps
XBC diesel engine fire pump is mainly used for pressurized water fire protection system piping. Also used for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water, long-distance water, heating, bathrooms, boiler heating and pressurized water cycle air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment for bottled water and other occasions.