Deep well fire pump manufacturer


The deep well fire pump is composed of multiple centrifugal impellers and guide casings, lifting pipes, transmission shafts, pump bases, motors and other components. The vertical fire pump base and the motor are located above the pool, and the power of the motor is transmitted to the impeller shaft through the drive shaft concentric with the lift pipe, thereby generating flow and pressure. Deep well fire pumps are mainly used for fire hydrant fire extinguishing, automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing and other fire extinguishing systems in fixed fire extinguishing systems such as industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, high-rise buildings, etc. It can also be used in common water supply systems for living and production, as well as construction, municipal water supply and drainage, etc.

Structure of the fire fighting deep well pump.

1, Working part

This part is composed of working parts and water filter parts. The working part is made up of parts such as guide shell, impeller, conical sleeve, shell bearing and impeller shaft, etc. The impeller is of closed structure. The impeller is a closed structure. The shells are connected to each other by bolts. In the guide shell and impeller can be equipped with wear-resistant ring.

2, Pipe part

This part is composed of water lifting pipe, drive shaft, coupling and bracket parts. The water lifting pipe is connected by flange or pipe thread. The material of the drive shaft is 2Cr13 or stainless steel. When the bearing part of the drive shaft is worn out, if it is a threaded connection of the water lifting pipe, the installation position of two short water lifting pipes can be exchanged and can be used again. If it is a flange-connected water pipe, you can change the up and down direction of the drive shaft and use it again. The electric fire pump with threaded headpipe is equipped with a special locking ring at the connection between the pump base and the uppermost headpipe, which can effectively prevent the headpipe from falling off.

3, Inoue part

This part consists of the pump base, the motor for the fire pump, the motor shaft, the coupling and other components. It can be equipped with electric control box, short outlet pipe, inlet and outlet valve, pressure gauge, check valve, gate valve and rubber or stainless steel expansion joint.

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