Centrifugal Pump Problems and Solutions During the operation


First, the cause of abnormal noise
1. Bearing damage, should be replaced;
2. The impeller is loose and ground to the bottom end cover of the water pump outlet;
3. Coil hazard.

Second, the reason for the failure to supply water after starting
1. Is it a centrifugal pump? Can you complete the water diversion operation?
2. Can it rotate, if it can rotate, replace the capacitor connector method;
3. The water outlet may have foreign matters in the gap of thse impeller;
4. Degree of sealing.

Third, the oscillation appears in operation
1. The pipeline support is unstable, and the looseness of the pump base or the anchor bolt is a common cause of oscillation. The bolt should be tightened in time to prevent loosening;
2. There is gas in the liquid. Carefully check the sealing bolts of the water pump and the inlet pipe for looseness, whether the gasket is damaged, whether the pump body and piping system parts are damaged or not;
3. The pump and the motor shaft are not concentric, and should be adjusted. When the belt is changed, the transition belt is too loose or the joint is not well connected, which may cause oscillation. In the unbalanced operation of the pump impeller, the impeller wear or the single impeller block is easy to form an oscillation, and sometimes the oscillation is caused by the poor balance of the shaft impeller.

Fourth, the noise increases during operation
1. Bearing noise: the part of the sound source bearing device, usually with an iron rod or a screwdriver against the bearing device, and listening with the ear, it is a slap;
2. Motor noise: usually whistling, can only replace the motor;
3. Cavitation noise: The sound source is in the pump cavity and humming.

Five, the motor is hot
1. The outer wall of the motor is hot and can be operated with over-current. It can close the small outlet valve and regulate it to run within the rated current. It can also be the quality problem of the motor coil. It can only repair the motor or replace the motor.
2. The transition parts show conflicts, the conflict resistance increases, and the current can be overheated to make the motor hot. It should be stopped to check whether the rotor is sensitive;
3. The motor bearing is hot, the bearing is short of oil or damage, and the bearing needs to be repaired or replaced;
4. The operating voltage is too low, check the circuit to adjust the voltage. It can be seen that the protection of the pump is very important. The good protection can not only extend the use time of the pump but also save the manpower, material and financial resources for repair!
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