Advantages of Emergency Mobile Pump



XBC diesel engine fire pump set is independently developed and produced by Better Technology Co., Ltd. XBC diesel engine fire pump set is a new type of fire-fighting equipment developed by the company in strict accordance with the national standard GB6245 "fire pump performance requirements and test methods", segmental multi-stage XBC-D diesel engine fire pump, equipment pressure, wide flow range, its application can almost meet the various occasions required for fire protection. And obtained the national fire protection product 3CF certification.
emergency mobile pump truck

Main features:

1.Environment temperature -10~45℃; sea level within 5000 meters. The flow range is 30∽10000m3/h.

2.The head range is 5∽300m, and the diameter is DN50∽600.

3.Trailer type, rainproof type, can be used outdoors, requiring a fully enclosed structure. Stable performance, high cost performance, economical use, and easy maintenance.

4.A large fuel tank can be installed externally to easily achieve 24-hour continuous operation. PLC automatic control, easy and safe operation, easy installation and commissioning.

5.Easy to move, can meet the application requirements of different environments and different occasions. The fixed type can realize the linkage drainage function of multiple units.

6.It can realize automatic high water level drainage function.

7.It can be applied to integrated fire protection drainage system.

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